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Bad SEO. Eight ways of killing website performance, and how to avoid them

Have you ever asked yourself: What’s dragging my website performance down? I’ve been deliberately general in saying ‘website performance’ because I’m considering a range of ways that a website can underdeliver. There are a range of ways: They’re all the consequence of bad SEO. I have eight areas where site owners and marketing teams fall … Read more

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How to use WordPress Categories and Tags for better SEO

A straightforward approach to making your website more manageable, improving user experience and boosting your SEO. Does your business use Categories and Tags on its website? If so, how do you use them? Why do you use them even? Here’s how to stop your Categories and Tags from sinking your site’s performance in search. Comparing … Read more

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How to write great content for your website

How’s your content production going? Many website owners struggle, to be honest. I’ve spent 35 years producing, managing and strategising content for different platforms, including websites and email, even direct mail, books and so on.  I have some ideas to help you with writing and publishing content. Why do you need to produce content? You … Read more

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How to stop your new website design becoming a disaster for your SEO

If you’re bored with your website, it’s out of date, doesn’t service mobile users adequately, or it’s just plain ugly, you’re possibly considering a website redesign. But getting a new look for your website can have its pitfalls. Beautiful websites that fall flat Website design is not just about eye-catching images, refined typography and expertly … Read more

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Have you been affected by the Google Page Experience Update?

Google confirmed that the Page Experience Update started on 15th June. Have you checked Google Analytics and Google Search Console recently? You should. In case your traffic has taken a hit. It’s time to see what else we’ve learned. It’s many months since I first wrote about the coming update and what I then knew … Read more