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Happy man, rejoicing.

Google killed AMP. Here are some reasons why you should rejoice!

Here’s a good and rare one for you. A positive story from a Google Update! A real opportunity for some site owners to save resources and even make running your site less complex. I’ve been writing a lot recently about Google updates. There is the argument that only SEOs are interested in Google updates. And … Read more

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Initial sketches for a website design.

How to stop your new website design becoming a disaster for your SEO

If you’re bored with your website, it’s out of date, doesn’t service mobile users adequately, or it’s just plain ugly, you’re possibly considering a website redesign. But getting a new look for your website can have its pitfalls. Beautiful websites that fall flat Website design is not just about eye-catching images, refined typography and expertly … Read more

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Heading into stormy waters?

What if I told you there were more Google Updates in June and July?

Last month, Google started rolling out the much-anticipated Page Experience Update on 15th June, but Google has been very busy. There are five other updates in play that may affect website ranking:  10th June: The ‘Predator’ Update  12th June: The June Core Update  23rd June: Spam Update, part 1  28th June: Spam Update, part 2  … Read more

macro photography of human eye expeiencing a web page.

Have you been affected by the Google Page Experience Update?

Google confirmed that the Page Experience Update started on 15th June. Have you checked Google Analytics and Google Search Console recently? You should. In case your traffic has taken a hit. It’s time to see what else we’ve learned. It’s many months since I first wrote about the coming update and what I then knew … Read more

A professional at work

You know your business. But do your prospects E-A-T it up?

Why should your prospective customers trust you? It’s a big question. If they don’t, they’re unlikely to buy. Have you done enough on your website to convince people to do business with you?  What is E-A-T? Google has something to say about how you demonstrate your credentials and experience. They call it E-A-T, which stands … Read more

not quite perfect corn cob on white ceramic plate

Suck it up! Content is never perfect

Here’s one of the basic truths of Content Marketing: The only content that works for you is the stuff in public on your site. I believe the most important functions of website content are: SEO leverage – bringing the right people to your site Conversion – sales; other kinds of interaction such as signing up for a … Read more

Cyclist leading the pack on road

How to win in Organic Search in 2021 using Structured Data

Here’s how to occupy some of the most valuable real estate on the search results pages. Looking at click-through rates by search rankings Most of us rely to a greater or lesser extent on organic search to get traffic to our sites. And we know that the majority of traffic comes from the top places. … Read more

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Chain links

My rant about links and link-building

Links are a big thing in the SEO world. And they’re the subject of a significant percentage of the questions that we answer on Dumb SEO Questions, so that’s enough reason to write a blog post about them. This time, I’m going to: have a rant about dodgy link builders tell you about how Google has … Read more