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The success of your website – and your business – can depend on where it appears in the search results.

How good are you at ranking on Google?

In most countries, ‘the search results’ means Google’s. Which means you need to be great at ranking on Google. So there’s just one chance to get it right. (Of course, there are other search engines, but they struggle for market share, and you’ll see far fewer visitors to your site from them).

Play by the rules, and Google will generally reward you. Get caught playing outside the rules, and Google will bury you. Possibly never to be seen again.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a game of high stakes that requires an expert fighting your corner. It would help if you had an SEO specialist who understands the rules and has been in the ring for approaching 20 years.

Technical SEO

I have a thing about the technical side of SEO. I believe it’s the first thing to get right. If there’s something wrong with your site or your hosting, you are probably wasting your budget and resources on content and content marketing.

Technical Audits and Content Audits

Find out how your site is performing. What’s working for you and what’s dragging you back?

If it’s a while since you built your website, a Technical Audit can:

  • put your mind at rest that your website is set up correctly
  • confirm that all your content can be spidered – if the search engines cannot read your content, it won’t rank
  • highlight the problems that are holding you back
  • assure you that you have the best plugins
  • tell you if your theme is lightweight weight and fast
  • examine if your site is a pleasure to read on mobile
  • recommend which media can be further optimised
  • confirm your sitemaps are accurate, up to date and complete
  • check you have your internationalisation right

and much more.

A Content Audit tells you:

  • which pages are ranking and bringing the potential customers you need
  • if you are being held back by duplicate content
  • if you are ranking for the searches that will bring you business
  • where you can getter better results by reworking your content
  • content opportunities you are missing
  • If your customers are finding your product pages

Why should you have your site audited?

  • If it’s more than two years since it was built
  • If your search performance is consistently disappointing
  • If your site is not giving the returns you’d been expecting
  • If you don’t know which web pages are working for you and which are not
  • If your blog posts are not supporting your business
  • If you are getting errors or warnings in Google Search Console
  • If you need to be sure of getting the best from your website

Your audits will give you a solid foundation for your SEO strategy and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your site is not holding your business back.

SEO Strategy for your business

How is your SEO strategy? Do you know what you’re doing with your site and why? Or are you throwing random content into the wilderness?

The hard truth of the matter is, even if that’s what you’re doing, your top competitors aren’t. They’re employing:

  • Site auditing to kill their site’s shortcomings
  • Key Phrase Research (some call it keyword research) to understand their customers and where their business opportunities are
  • Competitor Research to know what they are aiming for
  • a clear strategy that’s implemented clearly and regularly through content, digital advertising and social media campaigns
  • a consistent process of publishing, measuring and making changes

If you’re going to stand a chance, you need to know exactly where you stand, set up your goals and know how to execute. Don’t waste your time.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business with a shop, restaurant, office or other premises, you’re in a great position to compete with the big names who don’t have your local presence.

I’ll show you the secrets of Google My Business to get featured in local search, helping you to:

  • Attract people to your business in person
  • Get featured prominently in Google local search results
  • Engage with customers in your area
  • Dominate your local competitors

Ecommerce SEO services

Are you selling online? And are you struggling against bigger ecommerce websites?

Your online store needs to be attracting all the customers you can from searches on Google. I can help you do that with a custom SEO strategy for your business.

  • Ecommerce SEO strategy
  • Assessing product descriptions
  • Supercharging your ecommerce store on the search engines
  • Finding content niches your competitors have missed

Done right, SEO can give you the customers you need highly cost-effectively.


Q. Are SEO Services worth it?

A. Excellent SEO services are worth it. Ineffective SEO services are a waste of time and money.

Q. What can SEO do for my business?

A. It will bring more people to your site, make it more visible to the right people, and increase sales or conversions.

Q. What are the benefits of SEO Services?

A. Implemented properly and professionally, SEO will help your business thrive online, bringing you customers and making sales.

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