Content-Focused Search Engine Optimisation

Content is the Number One asset of any website.

SEO with content at its heart

Everything I do is centred on helping produce quality content and using technical SEO to get the most from it. It’s digital marketing that focuses on the core of successful search engine optimisation—high-quality content, properly deployed.

Benchmark audit

Understand where your site stands now with a Benchmark Audit, encompassing:

  • Technical SEO—checks your website’s health and identifies fixes
  • Content
  • Competitor & Marketplace.


Key phrase and customer research to understand potentially profitable search terms, competitor challenges and your customer needs.


Extracting meaning from your data. Understanding your content priorities and opportunities. Starting to build a timeline.

Content Creation

Create great content in-house, or commission me to write it. I can manage your in-house content creation, edit and optimise content, or train your writers. Then publicise your blog posts or other types of content.

Monitoring and Reporting

Hitting the publish button isn’t the end. I’ll help you set up your Analytics package for your goals and KPIs. Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly reporting.

Content Revision or Creation

Wash and repeat. If your content is underperforming, we should revisit it. Your report data can suggest new content to add to your content schedule.

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