How to Create Better Content. Six Ways to Power Your Website

Can I let you into a secret? I hate the word ‘content’. It’s a cop-out, frankly. And a misunderstanding of the power and complexity of the material you publish on the web. Why? Because I see many website owners thinking all they need to do is fill their pages with a bit of content. Weekly. … Read more

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How to write great content for your website

How’s your content production going? Many website owners struggle, to be honest. I’ve spent 35 years producing, managing and strategising content for different platforms, including websites and email, even direct mail, books and so on.  I have some ideas to help you with writing and publishing content. Why do you need to produce content? You … Read more

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You know your business. But do your prospects E-A-T it up?

Why should your prospective customers trust you? It’s a big question. If they don’t, they’re unlikely to buy. Have you done enough on your website to convince people to do business with you?  What is E-A-T? Google has something to say about how you demonstrate your credentials and experience. They call it E-A-T, which stands … Read more

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Suck it up! Content is never perfect

Here’s one of the basic truths of Content Marketing: The only content that works for you is the stuff in public on your site. I believe the most important functions of website content are: SEO leverage – bringing the right people to your site Conversion – sales; other kinds of interaction such as signing up for a … Read more

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How To Make People Care About Your Blog

Eight things you’re doing wrong and seven ways to overcome them I get a lot of people from businesses of all sizes coming to me asking why their website isn’t bringing in business. By the time you finish this piece, you’ll know exactly how make your business blog sing. 1. Easy doesn’t cut the mustard … Read more