About me

I’m David Rosam, an independent consultant who helps businesses understand the challenges of digital marketing and how to move forward online.

David by the sea in Littlehampton, West Sussex

My principles.

  • Don’t make guesses
  • Keep it simple
  • Play by the rules

1. Don’t make guesses

I believe in trusting the data. That’s the data-driven marketing I talk about elsewhere.

2. Keep it simple

I’m attached to simplicity (simplicity is not always easy, by the way). So much of the time simple, straightforward answers are the ones with power. They’re the ones you can take action on. And knowledge is only power when you do something with it.

Zoom into the heart of the problem and get on with it! Complexity is only to be tangled with if you really have to.

Implement the very best you can (none of us can do perfect, so don’t waste your time). Measure. Make changes. Measure again.

And don’t forget the digital marketing landscape is changing constantly – your competitors are stretching to do the best they can, more of them are entering the market and Google is fiddling with its algorithms day by day. They’re just a few of the factors pushing back against your success in the digital domain.

Keep your feelers out for change and don’t forget to evolve. Did I mention what happened to the dinosaurs?

3. Play by the rules

It’s my job to help you keep your business healthy, so I call myself a White Hat SEO.

That means I don’t recommend doing anything dodgy, and I look at the latest Digital Marketing and SEO trends with an experienced eye.

My recommendations are made from an understanding not just of the word of Google’s recommendations, but of their spirit. It’s a mindset that often keeps my clients out of problems going forward. No guarantees, of course. I don’t keep a crystal ball in my office.

So, there they are. Three good, durable principles that I apply to my largest through to my smallest clients.

I’d better be more specific about my skillset

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Site audits – technical and content
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Copywriting

How did I get here?

People often ask what makes a Digital Marketer or SEO. You need a strong grounding in marketing, a creative bent, and more than a little technical ability, too. You also need the kind of brain that enables you to keep up with a constantly changing professional landscape.

So, how am I that person? A degree in Psychology taught me how to design experiments and test for what works and discover what doesn’t – knowing where you’ll be wasting your time is just as important, in my book. But the theory and methodology of science weren’t all I learned. I studied how to apply psychology to marketing. I sensed it’d come in handy later.

I also found I loved writing. Even experimental reports. Sitting at a keyboard hammering out words in my own music- and coffee-fuelled bubble – remind me to tell you about my thing for good coffee, someday.

That led me to jobs as a writer for magazines and books, sub-editing and journalism. Then brochures and PR. And into freelance copywriting for big London agencies.

Direct marketing copywriting led me to the web in the early days, to an early startup crash and burn, and to launching myself as probably the UK’s first SEO Copywriter – at least, I didn’t see anyone else bashing the content drum when the world was stuffing keywords into meta tags.

I was ahead of the wave and found myself offering a bigger bag of SEO services.

And, along the way, I tinkered with code and hardware for interest and my business. 

Somehow, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years. How time flies.

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