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You want to know more before parting with your email address? Sure, I understand. Let me tell you more

I’m trying to make David Rosam on Digital Marketing a bit different from many of the newsletters you receive. The reason is related to my ongoing rant about newsletters and blogs and their content. If you already know me, you may have heard it!

David Rosam photographed in Littlehampton, West Sussex

“David Rosam on Digital Marketing is different. Why is related to my ongoing rant about newsletters and blogs and their content.” 

So much content is one-way. We did this… You must do this if you’re going to be a success… Here is Matilda unveiling our new coffee machine… Here we are pulling silly faces on a Zoom session…

So what is it?

Could it be an ideas letter? Or a Think Letter? Sounds like something Lenovo maybe does already 🙂

It contains ideas about digital marketing, SEO and online business I hope you’ll find thought-provoking or valuable.

Is it for you?

I work with almost every kind of business you can think of — from microbusinesses and startups to national and international brands, plus providing white labelled services to agencies in London and around the UK.

I write about the digital marketing issues I encounter that I know will be interesting to you as my readers.

There is no schedule

I’m not committing to sending you these things to a schedule. I’ll send you them when I have something to say that I think will be valuable to you, or you could help me along with. Not because it’s Thursday. Or the 15th. Or whenever.

I get enough of those. Sent because it’s got to be. Or it’s Matt’s turn (oh, **** what the heck am I going to say?).

So I’m sticking out my tongue to all those gurus who say you have to deliver to a strict schedule. When your audience expects it.

I’m going to send it when you least expect it 🙂

Sounds good to me!

Here are my details.

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