Data-Driven Marketing: Taking the guesswork out of your online marketing

From content research and strategy through to implementing content, you must make the best decisions based on data. I like to think of it as lifting the lid on your online presence.

Nailing your online strategy

No successful digital marketing strategy is built on guesswork, observing tea leaves or trusting to gut feel. You need to collect, look at and understand the numbers. Then you can let creativity loose. 

Do really know what your customers want? Are you guessing what your content should say? Are you relying on instinct to know what to stock in your online store? Or what services to offer? It doesn’t have to be like that. 

Big Data

Big data is about gathering and understanding all of your marketing data – such as analytics, search results, social media, paid search, engagement, email marketing – and then making informed decisions. Even a modest website can provide a surprisingly rich volume of data. 

Helping small businesses compete online

But big data isn’t just for big companies. If you have a website, you can play the big data game as effectively as your big competitors. You can enhance customer experience better than your competitors.

Taking notice of the data makes all the difference for small business digital marketing. With a clear understanding of what’s driving your visitors to your website, what they are looking for, and who they are. 

Making positive decisions in Content Marketing

Use your in-depth knowledge of your customers and your website to create great content. Answer your audience’s pressing questions. I love the old marketing question: ‘Where’s the pain?’. The numbers can tell you exactly what the pain it is and how to cure it.

Formulate and execute a superior content marketing strategy. 

Get in there and enhance your customer experience. Deliver to them precisely what they’re looking for. Engage. Develop deep relationships. Nurture enthusiasm. Build a fan base.

Measure how effective your content is. Is it getting read? Are people sharing it? Are people acting on it? Then make changes to the underperforming content. Data-driven marketing puts in place a great safety net. 

Experiment and take informed chances knowing that you can make those changes. 

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